Cute Colorful Easter Bunny Free Printable

I always think that the Easter bunny is kind of magical creature. That is why I made this colorful Easter bunny to light up Easter Holiday!

I’m thinking what printable I need to make to lighten up the Easter holiday? Yes, bunny! Everyone knows that a bunny is always connected with Easter.

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I’m excited to share these Cute Colourful Easter Bunny Free Printable with you so you can use it. There are two different styles available depending on what you like.

In my free time, I usually do some design for Printable and since Easter is coming, I thought why not make free printable!

To make this cool design, you only need to have cute fonts and a good image editing tool.

For cute fonts, I always look at:

  1. Creative Fabrica

Those two are my favorite so far because by signing up, you will be notified every time there’s a promo. Couple days ago they did a $1 promo for each font. Which is super crazy!

You can also get Freebies, especially with Creative Fabrica.

Now, to make a good printable, you don’t actually need a very high tech editing tool like photoshop. What I use is PicMonkey!

PicMonkey is so easy to use even for a beginner like me. You can do logos, social media images for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Instagram.

What’s great is they also provide a template that you can save in their Hub space without having to edit over and over again.

You can check out PicMonkey if you need an easy to use editing tool.

>>>Download the Printable here<<<

See ya 🙂

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Cute Colorful Easter Bunny Free Printable


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