Free Download Fall Decor Printable – Fall is here

Fall is around the corner now…

Which I’m excited to share free download Fall decor printable with you! You can use this printable to decorate your house or your planner. There are two different styles available and you can choose whichever you like. 
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 Before you can download the printable, let me tell you the reason why I shared FREE printable. In my free time, between trying new cake recipes or browsing cool ideas. I also design printables for my planner or bullet journal and I thought why not share with you all.
If you want to make a cool printable design, you need to have a couple of font choices and a good image editing tool.
While I know well that using free fonts will be more convenient on the budget side. You can buy some cool fonts and use it for commercial purpose a.k.a selling your printable. 
Which could be a side hustle option that you can do to make extra money.
And if you are into printable like me, I have two places that I recommended to look for new fonts:
Those two are my favorite so far because by signing up, you’ll get a notification every time there’s a promo. My favorite, Creative Fabrica always have $1 promo for one font or discounted font bundles. How cool is that?!
They also offering freebies which you can download and use for personal purposes. The freebies can be anything from fonts until graphics that you can use. But noted that the freebies only for personal purposes.
The other thing that you need to make a good printable is an editing tool. You don’t actually need a very high-tech editing tool. What I use is PicMonkey.
PicMonkey is so easy to use even for a beginner like me. You can do logos, social media images and of course printables.
They also provide a template that you can save in their Hub space without having to edit over and over again.
Check out PicMonkey for more information plus you can sign up for their free trial and see how the app goes.
Okay! I have shared my knowledge and now let’s move on to the printable!

Quick tips for you before printing out this printable:

  1. Print it as a card – Print this design on a paper that weight 120 grams or more so it will be a proper card.
  2. Decoration and Planner – The size for both designs are 8″ x 11 ” or approximately A4 paper size. I told you this to prevent you from having a bad resolution for decor.
We also made another wall art design for your home which you can download if you join our mailing list down below:

See ya 🙂

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Free Download Fall Decor Printable


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