FREE Home Decor Printables for Laundry Room

FREE Home Decor Printables for Laundry Room

It’s FREE time again! Today I’m feeling so generous that actually the first thing I said when I wake up is I need to make FREE printables today!

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And when I check my email, I notice that Creative Fabrica is sending me a promotion on a Craft Bundles that can be download for FREE. So, I head to THIS PAGE and download the bundles before it expires in 8 days.

Creative Fabrica offers lots of bundles that are FREE to download or discounted premium fonts. If you are lucky enough, you’ll only pay for $1 for a font for commercial use! How cool is that?

By simply opening an account, you’ll get daily emails on promotion or discounts for the day. So, if you’re a design freak like me. This is a must to sign up for!

Sign up for Creative Fabrica here.

Now, I just want to share a bit why I made free printables for you! Decorating a house is not cheap. We all agree to that. All beautiful things are always expensive.

Then I have the idea of making my own design to a printable and hang it as wall decor. Until now, I’ve been enjoying what I do because I can design it the way I want.

Since I need printable for my laundry room, that’s why I decided to make one or two… And I’m feeling super generous that’s why this printables is available for you to download also!

>>Download the Laundry Wall arts here (Blue)<<

>>Download the Laundry Wall arts here (Pink)<<

See ya 🙂

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FREE Home Decor Printables for Laundry Room


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